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Members sharing their experiences in their own words...

"I came to the Cowboy Church looking for a different experience. I have attended traditional churches all of my life​ but I wanted to be a part of a church that would allow me to become an active part of their mission. The people at this church are friendly, down to earth, and fun to be around."


"Having always enjoyed the western culture, it is great to worship with those who have the same interests."


"I live very close to the Cowboy Church and passed by it many times. My son and I talked about visiting every time we passed by for about a year. He got into rodeo, riding bulls and horses, and eventually ran into one of the members one day while looking for a saddle. He invited us to visit the Cowboy Church so we went one Thursday night and we've been coming ever since. It has been an awesome experience for us and has brought my son to know Christ and he was baptized at the church. What an awesome group of people and pastor!"


"Although we were already members of a church, a friend invited my husband and I to visit a new kind of church , The Cowboy Church of Lee County. Walking up to sit on hay bales around a campfire on a cool night in the middle of an arena turned out to be a new step on our path with a relationship with God. We have enjoyed the preaching of God's word along with the fellowship of a variety of people who have also found that the church offers a very laid back, welcoming atmosphere anyone would feel welcome in. God is at work in this church and we look back and see now that we were no doubt led here to learn and work for our Lord. So thankful are we to our friend."


"I love the Cowboy Church and the people that are part of it. The pastor is like family, the music is great, and the special guests are always a blessing. The events that we have bring fellowship to all that attend. Blue jeans, boots, and a bail of hay, and you are set for a days preaching."


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